Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Check The Relationship Resume...

As I was browsing online doing some research, I saw a celebrity man dating about his 10th celebrity woman. This man has been with several celebrity women and still trying to add to the list. For some reason the next celeb woman always thinks she's the one he's serious about. The man does just enough to prove to the woman that he's serious, even if that means getting engaged and impregnating her. He gets what he wants and makes it look real for long enough and then he sabotages the relationship so he can move on to the next woman.

Some men don't want to be with one woman for the rest of their lives. Some men want to but can't seem to find the self-control to do so. You have to look at a man's relationship resume and then ask yourself, is it worth the risk. A lot of men today don't mind spending two years of their life with a woman and then moving on to the next two-year relationship. To those men it's a great way to live out their days. They bounce around to different types of women and fulfill all of their boyhood fantasies. It takes a real man with integrity, and self-control to settle down with one woman. It seems that those real men are becoming very few. It's sad to witness but it's true. Women have to learn how to protect themselves more than ever. A woman has to have a set of guidelines she looks at before entering a relationship with a man. Below are some things she can do.

1. Evaluate the Man!

  • How old is he? If he's over 35 and he's never been married, there needs to be some clear reasons as to why. If he's under 35 you have to make sure he's ready for marriage.
  • Has he ever been married? If he's over 35-40 and he's never been married that may be a reason to worry. It could mean he's a playboy or he's afraid of commitment. If he's been married before, it's actually a good thing. Now at least you know he's not afraid to commit, even though it didn't last. 
  • What's his belief system? Does he believe in God? Is he religious? Does he believe in marriage? Does he want kids? Does he have kids? Does he provide for the kids he already has? How does he view women and the role of a woman in a relationship? 
  • What's does his relationship resume say? How many relationships has he been in? Why did they end? How frequent were they? What's the longest relationship he was in and with who? Everything matters! 
2. Take your time! 
  • Don't commit exclusively to him inside of 3 months
  • Don't post him on social media inside of 6 months
  • Don't have sex with him inside of 3-6 months and it's best if you don't have sex at all until marriage. But you don't have to tell him you're waiting, just turn down his advances. If he's a fake, he will stop talking to you. Contrary to popular belief, sex is not a prerequisite for marriage. 
3. Look for red flags
  • What's his bad habits and will they eventually deteriorate him as a man?
  • Does he have a bad temper?
  • Is he afraid of commitment?
  • Is he a man of his word?
4. Make moves accordingly
  • As soon as you find out he's a fraud, leave him
  • Don't take him back unless you can clearly tell that he's a changed man. That will take about 6 months to know for sure. 
Those are just a few tips! For more info on this make sure you read Real Love, Mrs. Right, and Single Is Not A Curse. 

Talk soon, 
Tony A. Gaskins Jr. 

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