Monday, December 16, 2013

Are you a realist or an optimist?

Growing up I always heard the phrase: If God gives you a vision, He will send provision.
I've found that to be true. If it's meant to be, it will be and nothing will be able to stop it. I notice often that when something is placed on my heart to do, the tools I need to make it happen come into my life. As soon as I have an idea I become very aware of everything and everyone I cross paths with. I'm expecting a blessing. I'm expecting the resources. I'm expecting it to work according to plan.

There is power in our mind and what we think is truthfully what we attract. It doesn't mean material or physical things, it means the means to achieve those things. The confidence to do the things that will manifest our dreams.

I read last week that in life you can't be a realist, you must be an optimist. It said that studies show that realists don't achieve much because they use too much reason and they won't push the limits. But optimists achieve much more in life because even when they fail, they feel that they did much better than they actually did so they keep going.

My point today is: Know what you want to do and keep your mind open to the possibilities and expect a good outcome.

I had someone say to me, we don't need to go into this thing with "hope" alone.. Guess what, he heard that from an underachiever..

If we don't go into our next venture with hope then we won't get back up if we fail. That's why they say "keep hope alive" because without hope, we die!

When Mark Z created Facebook do you think his expectations were realistic or optimistic?

When Steve Jobs created Apple do you think his expectations were realistic or optimistic?

When the founders of Twitter started their social networking site do you think they were being realistic?

No one that achieves great things is a realist.. They are all optimists..

Your dream has to be so big that certain parts of it is blurry. If you can see every layer of your dream in crystal clear detail then your dream is too small. Don't limit the human mind. If you serve God, don't limit God. Don't limit yourself. Don't limit the possibilities.

If one door closes, another will open. If one person leaves your side, two more will join you. If everyone is doubting you, one day they'll all praise you!

If you want to achieve in this life, you must be an OPTIMIST!!

Realists don't change the world, they simply balance it.

Much love,
Tony A. Gaskins Jr.