Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Treat Your Relationship Like A House...

Years ago I was working a job as a counselor and I was working with a lady my mom's age. We were talking about relationships and she told me that she always tells her kids to treat their relationship like their house. It's crazy how you can learn in everyday conversations. I took that little nugget and expounded upon it and started to use that in my relationship.

When you think about a house it provides security. You have doors that lock. You have blinds that close. You have to mow your lawn. You keep strangers out and you only let people in when you want company. You only call for help when you're in danger. You have to pay your dues. You have to clean up and take care of your house.

Imagine if we treated our relationship like that. We would have much more successful marriages. We wouldn't feel the need to show off our relationship on social media more than we actually work on our relationship behind closed doors. We wouldn't make long drawn out post about our relationship business. We wouldn't listen to jealous or miserable people for relationship advice. We wouldn't entertain everything we see online from someone else's relationship.

I'm writing this because I see so many people sharing all their personal business online. I see people doing PR for their relationship online everyday but I know they aren't working that hard everyday to actually make their relationship better. Once you start putting in the work, you stop wanting to show it off. Some people are in a relationship for the show, not for the love.

Make sure you take your time in love. Take out the time to actually build love instead of showing it off for others to see. If you show and tell everything about your relationship, soon you won't have one anymore.

Talk soon,
Tony G.